Moving Boxes

We are one of the moving stores in Toronto that sell transportation boxes and accessories. We have a great array of in of moving boxes, moving supplies, protective wrappers and kits.

Cardboard boxes are very popular products in the packaging field. This is a versatile material that is suitable for transporting and storing a wide variety of things, including books, dishes, furniture items. The advantages of cardboard boxes include an affordable price and ease of labeling.

What the T23 and T24 brands mean in product names can be read here. For the convenience of customers, we also developed a small instruction on how to assemble boxes.

The dimensions of the packaging materials are indicated in our catalog as LENGTH X WIDTH X HEIGHT in millimeters.


Comparative picture of conventional cardboard and five-layered. The usual boxes are made of cardboard T-24. They are most common, they are distinguished by good price / quality ratio. However, sometimes there is a need for moving boxes made of a stronger five-layer cardboard - and just such products are presented in this section. They are distinguished from the usual reinforced walls and, accordingly, the bottom. They can be used to transport heavy and fragile items. Such packaging is less likely to get damaged when moving, longer to resist moisture if stored incorrectly or precipitation occurs. In the photo on the right, you can visually assess the difference between a conventional three-layer cardboard of the T-24 grade and a cardboard of increased strength - five-layer.

moving box